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The data enable teachers to differentiate instruction and connect instructional strategies with student results. Once a student has mastered a specific topic, new ones become available for the student to choose from.

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In the past, technology actually made schooling more expensive, as computers were layered onto an existing model without adding any efficiency.

Student cubicles have a desktop computer and monitor; many have been personalized and decorated with artwork. Their designs call for bringing new productivity to the way schools deploy staff and dollars.

This is much more than simply taking a class online. Teachers at DSST have been developing these informal assessments and in the —11 school year are working with a consultant to review the validity of the A report on my carpe diem items and gather feedback that will in turn make teachers better item writers.

School of One, operating inside three New York City public middle schools, is an exciting experiment interweaving a wide range of online learning possibilities with classroom instruction. Students begin their day by logging onto a software system called e and accessing the calendar, selecting a subject area, and looking at their lists of assignments for the week.

Most of our examples are high-performing charter schools, which have become a particular hotbed for the type of hybrid and blended models we are describing. For those who are starting on the computer, a press of a button will take them to a lesson provided by 1 of more than 50 content providers.

Rocketship is building a model in which kids learn much of their basic skills via adaptive technology like the DreamBox software, leaving classroom teachers free to focus on critical-thinking instruction and extra help where kids are struggling.

The charter school, which serves mostly low-income students in 6th through 12th grades, faced a crisis after losing its lease on a church building.

A student logs on to ALEKS and begins by taking an adaptive assessment, each question chosen on the basis of previous answers. Students use the same computer-aided design systems that they would find in a professional design firm as they model real-life, design-forward chairs.

Yet as much as anything, the blended effort is being driven by a new fiscal reality. DSST has achieved national renown for its extraordinary results, including the second-highest longitudinal growth rate in student test scores statewide.

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Teachers use the information to plan lessons, deciding whether to spend more class time on a certain area or focus on individual tutoring based on class scores. The effect is of a miniature, and improbably enthusiastic, call center. High Tech High Yet, even in schools that have been aggressive in incorporating technology, there is such a thing as too much in adopting blended approaches.

Some students work through all subjects each day, while others focus on math for the week on one day, science for the week on another day.

Technology-driven productivity, he says, stands to change that. Already, millions of children take one or more online courses, ranging from credit recovery to Advanced Placement.

Yet teachers, students, and parents rejected the idea of giving up the daily campus experience, and teachers were not enthusiastic about doing a large proportion of their teaching online.

The learning center is staffed by the principal, two instructional assistants, and a course manager, who also talks with students about their progress. School of One Much of the enthusiasm for the potential of blended learning comes from what is currently a math program.

This information is represented for both the student and teacher by a multicolored pie chart, which is constantly being updated as the student masters new topics. Teachers can review the information before school, after school, during their prep period, or even while they are overseeing instruction so they can identify the students in a group who, according to previous assessment data, may be struggling to learn a skill.seize - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions.

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He is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about biology. He gives tons of extra credit opportunities and does reviews for all of the tests. You're Not Special EXCERPTS And consider for a moment the bigger picture: your planet, I’ll remind you, is not the center of its solar system, your solar system is not the center of its galaxy, your galaxy is not the center of the universe.

This webpage is for Dr. Wheeler's literature students, and it offers introductory survey information concerning the literature of classical China, classical Rome, classical Greece, the Bible as Literature, medieval literature, Renaissance literature, and genre studies. Rocketship’s data guru, Charlie Bufalino, says that to date, vendors haven’t invested sufficiently in the R&D and technical fixes that would make a standardized stream of data possible and take menial tasks like attendance out of teachers’ hands.

A report on my carpe diem
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