A report on the advantages and disadvantages of the australias uranium mining

While foreign investment in base metals and bulk commodities is expected to rise, so is investment in mining infrastructure and assets. Mining legislation may also set out requirements for certain terms relating to access and compensation arrangements with landholders.

There is no general Australian government mining legislation or specific taxation of mining products, although the general duties and taxes include certain special provisions and concessions for mining activities. The classic for us here however is the Greens member in Queensland who attacked Rio Tinto for its participation in a coal port expansion, stating that they are directly responsible for the effects that coal will have on global warming; and then again attacking Rio Tinto after they pulled out of the expansion by claiming that the miner was stabbing the community in the back as it would no longer have the jobs that the port expansion would provide.

Foreign employees, however, must comply with the visa restrictions imposed by the federal government. International treaties 25 What international treaties apply to the mining industry or an investment in the mining industry?

While the amount of material exported has increased during this period, so has the value of the commodities being extracted. Only eligible goods integral to the project may be eligible for a tariff duty concession.

Successful technologies will be those that not only solve technical problems but also meet the needs of decision-makers, local communities and the broader Australian public.

Nuclear power in Australia

Australia does not have a nuclear power industry as such. Mining tenements are ordinarily granted within six months. Rights to access the surface are regulated both by legislation and by private contract with landowners.

The Crown owns all minerals in the land. It also looks at longer term research into reactor design and waste management. These groups are entitled to negotiate with the applicant in relation to issues such as land use, access and compensation.

How are these rights acquired? Many of these people condemn the industry on one hand, using their other for the smart phone, laptop, drive their car, or to turn on a light, utilising all the benefits that mining has to bring — rare earths, gold and nickel for technology; steel and aluminium for cars; and coal to power their homes; not even getting started on what the oil and gas industry provides in the form of power and plastics.

In many cases, that money travels back to capital cities rather than being spent locally. Mining technology development in the future will benefit strongly from the inclusion of a broader set of voices in considering how technologies are designed and deployed. At a South Australian mining and energy sector conference he stated: Laws are made and regulated by three tiers of government — federal, state and territory, and local government.

But how do we compensate those communities that bear most of the costs of living alongside mining activities? The trends that have followed previous mining booms the s gold rush, late 19th century mineral boom, s and early s mineral and energy boom and the late s and early s energy boom indicate that increased investment in mining produces a higher income derived from mining activities and a greater need for mining infrastructure.

As many mines are located in regional and low-population areas, employers can be provided with special assistance so as to be able to attract employees with an adequate set of skills. An accidental release of CSG chemicals into the basin occured in But is the expectation that mining wages will be spent locally a legitimate one?

The chart below shows the growth in mining industry employment for the year period ending Maywhen it reached a peak ofemployees.

The benefits and the burdens

The classification of the mineral resource depends upon the quantity, distribution and quality of data available and the level of confidence that attaches to such data. In addition, states may have supplementary legislation dealing specifically with mining; for example, mine inspection procedures and emergency management systems.

An import permit is required to import used agricultural, earthmoving and mining machinery and can be assessed by the regional offices of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. South Australia[ edit ] The objects of the Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Prohibition Act are "to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of South Australia and to protect the environment in which they live by prohibiting the establishment of certain nuclear waste storage facilities in this State.

It is difficult to predict how closely the current mining boom will follow historic trends in light of the proposed Super Profits Tax as this is likely to be a significant element that may distinguish the current boom from previous ones.

A number of state governments including Queensland and New South Wales charge mining companies higher freight rates to carry minerals compared with other commodities.Established inAustralian Mining magazine keeps you informed on the latest news and innovation in the mining industry.

Transcript of Mining in Australia: pros, cons and sustainability. Mining in Australia Uranium mining has caused controversy because of its environmental impacts and it use in nuclear weapons There are unfortunately many disadvantages to mining, and the mining that occurs in Australia is no exception.

Mining in Australia. Current mining situation. It is also a leading exporter of uranium, diamonds, gold, copper, nickel, and liquid natural gas (LNG). Coopers, interviewed 30 senior executives in the Australian energy and resources sector for its June report, Mind the Gap - solving the skills shortages in resources.

The benefits and the burdens. April 24, Features s11_admin The Dirt. Now here at Australian Mining we agree that miners must follow environmental regulations, Greenpeace's report on. A Report on the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Australia's Uranium Mining PAGES 4.

WORDS 2, View Full Essay. More essays like this: australia, uranium mining, disadvantages of mining. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. They rarely know all the technology options and advantages/disadvantages. I worked across nearly every power gen technology doing this for miners and most of them didn’t have a clue.

The Liberals are so focused on making money from oil mining and banking that there ignoring the real opportunities.

Instead of giving tax cuts to big.

A report on the advantages and disadvantages of the australias uranium mining
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