An analysis of the architectural design of victor horta

In he became director of the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels, a position he held until Brussels-Central Railway Station Horta started work on this architectural project in but construction only started inbefore a further delay intervened due to the outbreak of World War II.

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These design elements involve an alternate perspective on historical styles, an arts and crafts sensibility, and the modern materials of iron and glass.

In the late s, Victor Horta was commissioned by the Belgian Socialist movement to build the Maison du Peuple, which was unfortunately demolished in On the deep and narrow building plot the rooms were organised according to a traditional scheme used in most Belgian townhouses at the time.

To achieve an integrated design whole, Horta insisted on designing all interior decor elements.

Hôtel Tassel

The same elaborate iron interiors were to reappear in numerous other designs by Horta, including his own house - now the Horta Museum, Brussels. One of his notable post-war designs was for the Palais des Beaux-Artsa multi-purpose cultural centre, which he designed using a simple and severe style that anticipated Art Deco, and which included motifs drawn from Cubism.

Elaborate serpentine ornamentations in metal and glass were hidden behind a stone facade that merged happily with the more conventional houses alongside.

The first building in Belgium to have a predominantly iron and glass facade, it housed a large complex of offices, meeting rooms, conference and concert hall with seating for an audience of 2, people.

Art Nouveau drew on cultural and aesthetic sources throughout Europe and the rest of the world. From the three-room suite, only the first and the last had windows and so the middle room, used mostly as a dining room, was rather gloomy.

Material use by Horta emphasizes rather than conceal the Tassel structure. In the immediate pre-war years Horta also began designing the Brussels-Central railway station - part of a much larger urban redevelopment program in the Belgian capital.

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From the outset, his design approach was marked by a focus on lines and curves.

Victor Horta's Art Nouveau

In this part of the house, that could also be used for receiving guests, Horta made the maximum of his skills as an interior designer. Perhaps the most iconic example of Art Nouveau design can be seen in Paris. This innovation created a much more natural illumination of the building than was the case in the traditional late 19th century houses.

Tending towards unity, every material, surface, or ornament was harmoniously assembled with great elegant fluidity and punctuated in detail by innovative shapes and lines.

As well as his revolutionary iron and glass structural systems, he designed with great sensitivity, delicacy and beauty. Bridging the Belle Epoch and the Edwardian periods, Art Nouveau had many names as well as many looks.

Inhe returned to Belgium, and was elected a full member of the Belgian Royal Academy. Its demolition in triggered a major scandal and a protest by more than architects around the world. Two light wells filled the rooms with natural light, and the floor plan had a fluid and asymmetrical flow.

The stair rail and painted wall decoration, the mosaic flooring, light fixtures, hardware and door handles are elements of his total design. From the glass ceiling, light enlivens the house.

Full-time Architect Horta debuted in with a series of small houses that immediately displayed his talents. His design for the Hotel Tassel in Brusselsfor instance, is seen by art critics as the first example of Art Nouveau being introduced into architecture from the decorative arts. Sadly, the current tenant, a private company, has decided to place commercial stickers in some of the Tassel House windows, thus destroying the elegance of the total facade.

The iron columns sprout slender iron strips to support the floor above. Preeminent among these was the architect and interior designer Victor Horta, a true Belgium master. Hotel Tassel The turning point for Horta came inwhen he attended his first Art Nouveau exhibition.

In the interior, there is the delicacy and curving "femininity" of a rococo drawing room.Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions: · Victor, Baron Horta: an analysis of the architectural design of victor horta who ranks with Henry van de Velde and Paul Hankar as a pioneer of modern Belgian architecture.

the brachypterous house of Herold, his planetary kindness cherished with shame. The structural analysis of Victor Horta’s The design and the structural choices of Horta’s constructions result from both the architectural and the technical/structural context of that time. Considering the social and cultural mutations and evolutions, the architect became aware of the need for.

The Hôtel Tassel (French: Hôtel Tassel, Dutch: Hotel Tassel) is a townhouse built by Victor Horta in Brussels for the Belgian scientist and professor Emile Tassel in – It is generally considered as the first true Art Nouveau building, because of its highly innovative plan and its groundbreaking use of materials and decoration.

The below artworks are the most important by Victor Horta - that both overview the major creative periods, and highlight the greatest achievements by the artist. Artwork description & Analysis: The crowning achievement of Horta's career was the Maison du Peuple (House of the People) in Brussels, the Nationality: Belgian.

The structural analysis of Victor Horta’soeuvre is studied within the framework of the PhD thesis “Analysis of the Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

Victor Hortas Iron Architecture a Structural Analysis Libre. Architectural Design-Architectures of the Near Future() Uploaded by. ImageOriginal drawing by Victor Horta It was in solving this dilemma that Horta would create the grand architectural gesture for which the Hôtel van Eetvelde would come to .

An analysis of the architectural design of victor horta
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