An analysis of the factors affecting the educational attainment of a child

The dominant issues in selecting the sample were cost, geographic proximity, availability, representativeness, and low mobility.

Our mediational model posits that lower parental educational levels predict more negative family interactions and associated child behavior problems i. For the participants re-interviewed during —, the mean age was Stakeholders should therefore, give adequate attention to educating the girl child.

Delay of first childbirths as a strategy for fertility reduction and maternal health improvement can be achieved if women are empowered early in life with quality education. Thus, for example, a child exposed to parents who model achievement-oriented behavior e.

The average difference was 2. These indirect effects were mediated through age 19 educational aspirations and age 19 educational level.

The 5 factors which affect school performance

Finally, aggressiveness during middle childhood was significantly negatively related to educational attainment and to occupational prestige 40 years later.

The number of ethnic minorities i. Occupational prestige was rated using prestige codes following Stevens and Hoisington In our most recent wave of data collection Huesmann et al. On the contrary, importance has been attached to delayed age at first child birth.

Thus, in the present study, we control for other indices of socioeconomic status when considering the effects of parental education. In this view, then, cognitive factors such as beliefs and expectations present during adolescence serve as internal links between early contextual and personal factors and later outcomes.

Received Apr 27; Accepted May However, we must ask whether attrition introduced bias into the sample. We also draw on data provided about the original participants by their parents in Adult age 48 outcomes a Educational level.

This measure is described in detail elsewhere Eron et al. Factors affecting age at first child are diverse and are of different levels.

Adverse socio-cultural norms of betrothing and marrying young girls should be abrogated, while health education and promotion of need to delay child bearing must be intensified especially among rural dwellers and also in Northern Nigeria.

There are individual factors, family factors, societal factors as well as economic, national and international factors as illustrated in Fig.

Survival analysis and prognostic factors of timing of first childbirth among women in Nigeria

Following theory and research on family process models e. It marks a turnaround when she might have to drop roles of career building and education, for motherhood and parenthood. The timing of the commencement of these roles affects the child bearing behavior of women as they progress in their reproductive ages.

Of its approximately 63, current residents, about 11, live in the largest city and county seat, Hudson. This view proposes that it is the cumulative influence both of childhood environmental-contextual factors e.

Higher codes indicate greater prestige. Procedures in Waves 1, 2, and 4 The methods of data collection across the first three waves of the Columbia County Longitudinal Study have been reported elsewhere e. According to Eccles e. Analyses for this article are based on data collected about the participants during Waves 1 age 82 age 19and 4 age This belief should then in turn promote successful outcomes across development, including high school graduation, the pursuit of higher learning, and the acquisition of high-prestige occupations.

The birth of the first child is a significant event that leaves social marks in the life of the woman.Factors Affecting Parental Involvement in Education: The Analysis of Literature 37 students.

In all cases, the importance of relationships between parents and school is. The effects of parents’ educational level on the child’s age 48 educational attainment were not mediated through negative family interaction or through child aggression as predicted. Independently of other middle childhood family contextual factors and child IQ and aggressiveness, parental education measured in middle childhood.

Factors affecting early grade educational attainment: Evidence from South Sudan This includes whether the child has access to non-school related books in their respective homes, Table 3 reports marginal effects from a probit model examining factors affecting whether a student scores any points in the EGRA (Column 1) and the EGMA (Column.

Survival analysis and prognostic factors of timing of first childbirth among women in Nigeria. Factors affecting age at first child are diverse and are of different levels.

There are individual factors, On educational attainment, it is not unlikely that girls who could not progress in their educational pursuit would consequently start.

Factors That May Influence Education And Educational Attainment Psychology Essay. Print Reference this. Similarly parental education is important in influencing schooling attainment of any child.

Nevertheless education attainment from both parents will not influence or make one stay in school more. Within the United States no country. The Effects ofFamily, Social, and Background Factors on Children's Educational Attainment.

Megan De Serf. Research Honors Project, Department ofEconomics.

An analysis of the factors affecting the educational attainment of a child
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