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For more information, check out the official Bossaball site, Bossaball Sports. The defending team must not use a combination of more than six or eight?

You can hit the ball once using your hands and twice using your feet or head when the ball is on your side of the court before a team mate must then hit the ball. The most famous club teams, the Selection of Spain and the Selection of Brazil, travel the world to promote the game and perform Bossaball exhibitions.

The inflatable playing surface and change in gravity allow for a range of techniques, team tactics and strategies. The team with the most points at the end of the game is deemed the winner.

One player, called the attacker, stands on the trampoline. Of course Bossaball International will assist you in this process and supply you all necessary information through our experience in all sorts of Bossaball events.

Competition[ edit ] An official match, is best of three sets. Bossaball, in the context of universities and colleges, allows, on the one hand, the enhancement of the image of an educational organization through an emerging an innovative sport and, on the other hand, the introduction of brands into the academic world, which allows the presentation of their products to enthusiastic and young people.

On one Business bossaball, some of our tours took more than 2 months attending sites on national scale, on the other hand various one day or weekend events have been successfully set up. Three points for a drop on the trampoline, and one point for a drop Business bossaball the larger inflatable area.

As in all other sports it is great to experience Business bossaball in your personal skills and we can tell you that after some training sessions, your first 3 pointer, spiking down the ball at a height of more than 3 meter Business bossaball absolutely taste like more.

In some of our clubs we were able to offer our services to more than 6 different entities in just one day! The roll of a referee in Bossaball is very similar to a volleyball referees.

When possession rotates—when the defensive team wins the point—the team is rotated to feature a new server, similar to volleyball.

Developed between and by Filip Eyckmans, Bossaball is played on an inflatable court that takes less than 45 minutes to set up. Any body part can be used, with a maximum of two successive contacts with the head or feet and a maximum of one contact with the hands.

Our professional demo teams attract media and crowd with their spectacular moves and invite the assisting public to join the game and feel the experience for itself. The game continues until one team scores 25 points and is two points ahead. With the help of state funds, in many places, bossaball could anchor itself in the sporting panorama and in this way citizens are able to enjoy the sporting novelty.

One player will be designated on the trampoline section of the arena at all times with players rotating after every point. Rules of Bossaball Teams consist of players and a mix of male and female players are permitted.

Since then the sport has gone on to have international acclaim with countries such as Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Kuwait, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia all have very successful Bossaball teams.

From our international headquarters we work with exclusive licenses and partnerships as well as with standard renting formulas. Training and classes at all levels can be scheduled at these clubs as well as the organization of local and international championships.

This will enable you to personalize our concept into your conditions and Business bossaball. The team with possession of the ball that is trying to attack the ball as described is said to be on offense.

How to Play Bossaball Each team consists of three to five players on each side of the Bossaball net. For Business bossaball purpose, teachers and education managers have considered essential to integrate Bossaball as an official subject, provide a platform to organize sports events and to learn about logistics, production, marketing, sponsoring and social media, participate in scientific publications on emerging and innovative sports and enhance and stimulate the effects of sport through bossaball, since various sports techniques are performed on the same court.

You can use any part of your body head, feet, hands to get the ball over the net and into your opponents section. Winning the Game In order to win a game of Bossaball your team will need to reach 25 points first.

Yes, we can assure you that once trying out all ball tricks on our safe inflatables, the inner child awakens and big smiles are never far away. Competition games are played with three referees, one main referee and two assistant referees. The two assistant referees are positioned at the opposite corners of the court.

Best of 3 or 5 sets are usually in operation. If the ball touches the Bossa the ring around the trampoline then the game continues as normal. The rally continues until the ball drops in one of the scoring zones. Brands have found in bossaball an ideal partner to show their products in both an attractive and participative way.

The main referee stands under the net on the playing area. Games are generally played out over the best of 3 or best of 5 sets. Touristic events Both governmental tourism departments, their respective holiday destinations and touristic venues, such as hotels, beach clubs and bars, have set up bossaball events to capture the interest of potential visitors, to market their destination, and to enhance and enrich the experience of their customers.

After a successful dig, the team transitions to offense.Bossaball, Wholesale Various High Quality Bossaball Products from Global Bossaball Suppliers and Bossaball Factory,Importer,Exporter at Bossaball is a relatively new sport and was derived from Spain in Since then the sport has gone on to have international acclaim with countries such as Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Kuwait, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia all have very successful Bossaball teams.

3, Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Bossaball International (@bossaball). Bossaball, the World’s Newest Extreme Sport By Alan Perlman Introducing Bossaball, a delicate mélange of volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, capoeira and extreme trampolining.

The sports business opportunities with the new sport bossaball are infinite. A license will grant your company exclusive rights to represent, run and distribute bossaball in the assigned territory.

Mar 25,  · Esse jogo foi maravilhoso nao tem montagem foi um dos rallys mais perfeitos que eu ja vi.

This is a new esporte this is a bossa ball. aghradeço ao gra.

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