Essay on how to reduce poverty in india as a citizen

The estimates of incidence of poverty from to and poverty projection for A number of scholars have singled out economic growth as the ultimate solution to poverty.

Therefore, it is apparent that economic strategies aimed at reducing poverty are much intertwined with macroeconomic stability of a state.

The international community in the s had committed itself to achieve specific targets on the provision of health facilities, education and eradication of diseases.

In addition, together with stable macroeconomic policies, there is need for an economy looking to reduce its poverty levels to extent its policy areas to address matters privatization, liberalization of trade, labor market reforms, reforms in the judicial and the financial sectors Bjornlund The income or consumption of the last quintile of the population would be termed poor even though on absolute poverty definition non of the people in the last quintile group may be poor.

The most common measure of poverty is to count the number of persons below the poverty line and express it as a percentage of total population in the country. Therefore, given that benefits accrued from economic growth reduce poverty levels courtesy of an existing system of income distribution, then societies that advocate and stand for equity will be able to harness fully the benefits of growth and reduce their poverty levels Mega Despite the difficulty in ascertaining the angle of causation, the above explanations affirm that macroeconomic instability and poor economic growth of a country are intertwined.

It is expected that the rich nations would facilitate greater resource transfer o the poor countries to achieve the MDGs.

Socially excluded, depressed groups for example lower castestribal, nomads etc. These are known as the millennium development goals MDG.

Therefore, to break the vicious cycles of poverty, there is need to increase the productivity of agriculture. The percentage of rural and urban poverty was Economic growth is a distinct primary factor that plays a cardinal role in influencing poverty. This is relatively because; agriculture is often interfered with fluctuations in the global market.

Therefore, an economy that is seeking to break the cycles of vicious poverty need to encourage investments by fostering a good environment where investors are assured of good returns to their investment.

The overreliance in agriculture by these developing economies is a ticking time bomb. In absolute terms, particularly the number of rural poor declined from million in In million in However, the contributions of manufacturing sector to poverty reduction are mild in comparison to agriculture.

People with limited skills and education engaging in seasonal casual work. Ensure global partnership for development. This is relatively because agricultural contributions are only beneficial in the short run and might dwindle in the long run and may lead to an increase in poverty levels Pedro Achieve universal primary education.

Absolute poverty is measured against a pre-determined level of living that families should be able to afford. Imbalances in these relationships i.

In addition, increased levels of production led to the reduction of commodity prices. These two aspects are paramount in the eradication of poverty in the rural areas.

Therefore, there is need for governments in developing economies to encourage foreign and local investors by providing a good business environment where high returns to investment are guaranteed. In addition, it is evident that most developing economies especially those in the sub-Saharan Africa has a large percentage of a population that is engaged in agriculture.

Scheduled castes who are dispersed across the country also show a higher incidence of poverty. Most of the agricultural labourers in the country are landless scheduled castes. Indeed, the aforementioned is the cardinal principle that guide strategies formulated to address poverty problems.

Secondly, agriculture has widened employment opportunities to the general population in the rural areas. Numerous studies have established that there is a strong relationship between poverty reduction and the per capita income of an economy. In Asia, increased levels of productivity courtesy of advanced levels of technology enabled it to fast track its way out of abject poverty by increasing incomes and wages of producers and workers respectively.

Macroeconomic stability is often intertwined with investment, economic growth and productivity of a country. That is, the poverty reduction and economic growth that resulted from the formulation of sound policies was relatively good for those in abject poverty as it was good for an entire population.Jan 23,  · Poverty has fallen relatively over the past 50 years, but the rates vary from one country to another or from one continent to another.

For example, Asia has done remarkably well in reducing its poverty levels with countries like. Ways To Reduce Poverty. most effective way to reduce poverty” In many ways this is a difficult statement to assess. There is no doubt that education is a key initiative in the reduction of poverty.

Essay on Poverty in India: Meaning, Types, Measures

Whether it is the most effective is harder to say for sure. The Role of the Government in Reducing Poverty Essay; three billion people, live on less than two and half dollars a day” ( This is the poverty level. To reduce poverty effectively many of us have donated money to aid the poor, the question arises weather there are other ways to reduce poverty effectively.

Correlation. Unfortunately, about 33 per cent of India's population still lives in acute poverty (less than $ per person per day). Thus, a careful analysis of the determinants of poverty and of various government policies that can help reduce poverty is very desirable.

This is the purposeofthispaper. What Can We Do As a Country And As a Citizen To Reduce Poverty Essay NETWORK: Network graphs: matrices associated with graphs; incidence, fundamental cut set and.

Free Essays on How Can a Citizen Reduce Poverty And Ensure Basic Amenities For Every Indian. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30 Steps To Reduce Poverty In India Words; 6 Pages; What Can We Do As a Country And As a Citizen To Reduce Poverty Essay receivers, elements of hardwares realizations of analog .

Essay on how to reduce poverty in india as a citizen
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