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As the tools and reach of marketing increase, the job and responsibilities of marketers have evolved with them. A fourth stage, a focus on the individual customer, is also important. These changes shape the possibility and conduct of business.

It was followed by a period in which commodities were produced on a mass scale. According to the research report of Goldman Sachs, India has emerged as the second largest Internet market in Asia after China with million users in Out of this volume, about Rs. It is e-commerce that is changing the way products and services are conceived, manufactured, promoted, priced, distributed and sold.

Technological change has moved steadily back focusing on the individual. The major driver of these changes is technology.

Each of these is strongly motivated by technological opportunities, which permit new methods and new opportunities. The reason being that it is much cheaper; it allows vast coverage and helps in serving the customer better. At the end of the century, there is an emerging global culture.

Most business transactions will be made electronically, directly from the producer to the consumer, bypassing the supply chain.

Evolution of Advertising

Also the figures of the number of Internet Service Providers ISPs is expected to increase by leaps and bounds and March sees at least 30 private international gateways.

Evolution of marketing At the beginning of the century, social life was mostly local. As the new technology of the Internet develops, it reinforces the new marketing emphasis — which in many ways is a return to business at the turn of the century.

The survey also revealed that E-Business transactions in India are expected to exceed Rs. Marketing is especially tied to communication and transportation revolution. The Figure below gives us a fairer idea of the current world internet usage.

Out of this, about Rs. Consumer Marketing operated on mass marketing principles and business primarily concerned itself with how to build the best sales force.Discuss the evolution of advertising and media strategy from published sources, attempting to identify differences (hence why they are now separate disciplines) and.

The Nigeria Advertising had its humble beginning rooted in colonial history, advertising development could be traced to about with the birth of West African Publicity Limited. An off shoot of UAC, the company was set up to cater for the marketing activities of the colonial masters in both Nigeria and West Africa.

Essay about The Evolution in Marketing Channels. The Evolution in Marketing Channels The distribution channel is a means by which to overcome the time, place and possession gaps that separate the goods and services from the consumers. The Internet is changing the typical structure of distribution channels to close the gap in new ways.

The Evolution of Advertising and its Impact in the Modern Day Words | 7 Pages Advertising has been an essential facet of marketing for as long as there have been human civilization and interaction.

Advertising also became subtler and more intelligent, often adopting a conversational style. Advertising also turned into a major industry in the 20th century.

The advertising of the age cleverly used all media, including newspapers, television, direct mail, radio, magazines, outdoor signs, and, of course, the Internet. The Evolution of Advertising and its Impact in the Modern Day Essay - Advertising has been an essential facet of marketing for as long as human civilization and interaction occurring between 90, BCE – 60, BCE.

Evolution of advertising essay
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