How to write a comparative commentary ib

They also make learning and the process of creative production cheap. The literary device comparison always makes an interesting essay. Using a question is an effective tool e. Like with any conclusion, restate your thesis. If, for instance, you deal with one point of comparison per paragraph 1st para — point of view, 2nd para — imagery, 3rd para — structurethen discuss both texts in the same paragraph.

In the same way, an academic essay has conventions, which I am obliged to introduce to you. An effective comparative essay would usually take a similar theme and consider how the different texts dealt with the theme differently or similarly.

In your thesis stmt, state that you will discuss how setting is characterised in the 2 stories and how it is used to create the atmosphere of say, claustrophobia and in the other story, decay etc. If you are able to dig into these deeper issues in the conclusion, you are taking on the ultimate challenge of analysis in literature — analysing society!

Similarities first, then differences within those similarities. The texts you compare will have similarities, either in theme or literary devices. You may compare anything in the texts — theme or other literary devices e. If you are writing a newspaper article, there are conventions agreed on by society of how a newspaper article should look.

The best way to end is to answer the question: There is no fixed way to do this. Should I always discuss both texts in one paragraph or one text first, then the other text? In text A, characterisation of setting is used to create a sense of isolation through claustrophobic features of the setting whereas in text B, wide open spaces and barren landscape are used to create the sense of isolation.

Then, proceed to discuss the characterisation of setting in ONE story in relation to its theme, and then follow with the other story.

You could summarise the main points you discussed e. When you are asked to compare something, consider your natural instincts. Written Tasks — aenga2 7: For instance, if you are writing a story, the conventions are that you have a conflict, a protagonist and other characters, a plot and a resolution to the conflict.

A comparative essay has the simple rule of taking 2 texts and reflecting on how they are similar or different. How do I start?

How do I end the essay? What do you find interesting to compare? Personally, I am not fond of formulaic approaches to comparing texts as they hinder creativity and originality in approach. Goodnight and good luck.

What if the stories I choose have different themes but a similar literary device e. What should I compare in the works? Choose and then discuss. I am going to highlight examples of how setting is characterised to create the atmosphere of isolation.

Compare Mostar and another place. With the interesting approaches that emerge from this attitude, we could learn a thing or two to enrich our styles.

Writing conventions, on the other hand, though formulaic are a different story.The comparative analysis should be continuous and structured, include relevant examples from the texts and be balanced in its comments on the similarities and differences between the texts. Rather than simply listing formal aspects, students should focus on how such aspects are used to create particular effects.

You are Here: Home > Forums > International Baccalaureate. Comparative commentary example watch. Announcements. Word count for A2 English Literature comparative coursework. InPuPOVTDiImSyC How to Write a Comparative Commentary (By an IB student) Some people find it weighty to be able to write a commentary on two pieces at once, but if you follow the guidelines below it'll be much easier.5/5(7).

Introduction to writing a comparative commentary Click here for a brief overview (PPT) Planning is important when writing a commentary. Click here for two possible outlines to follow during the writing. How to Write a Comparative Analysis Throughout your academic career, you'll be asked to write papers in which you compare and contrast two things: two texts, two theories, two historical figures, two scientific processes, and so on.

Oct 28,  · Tips for the Comparative Commentary Filed under: Written Tasks — aenga2 @ pm. Dear all. I received Radka’s call asking for some guidance on behalf of A2. Thank you. I have provided some guidelines below, although we’d had IB ASSESSMENT; Reading Journal 1: A Memorable Work; Reading Journal 2: A Rose for Emily.

How to write a comparative commentary ib
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