Interpersonal communication graded project 00801601

Explain and analyze why you behaved in these ways during the conversation. Work with Nervous Gestures Most people exhibit some form of nervous gesturing. Interpersonal Communication 5 Use the space provided here to record your thoughts.

Research shows that very few people ever exaggerate their gestures or facial expressions. The completed project will give your instructor an accurate gauge by which to measure your understanding and mastery of these important skills. Your goal now is to perfect that speech even more.

Also, use the past tense for your verbs. Double-click on the file. Depending on the situation, we filter out some sounds and focus on others.

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For each summarize what skills they use effectively. Format 10 points You include the Project Sheet.

Other sensory data, together with memories and feelings, help us to select and interpret the sounds we hear. Practice all of the exercises as instructed by the speakers.

Microphones can exaggerate a. Accordingly, what we choose to listen to is often determined by our past choices. Consider some of the skills and activities in the project booklet as exercises to practice. With each skill you describe, also explain how you intend to improve the weaker skills and maintain the stronger skills that you identified in the previous paragraph.

Voice and Diction 2 Skill Activity Skill 2: Imitate Role Models Examine a videotaped or televised performance of a confident, energetic speaker. As you work on the project, review pertinent lesson material in your study unit, the Graded Project booklet, and the Voice and Diction audio file.

Now reverse roles and notice how avoiding eye contact makes you feel. Interpersonal Communication Graded Project: Finally, ask your partner for feedback. Avoid speakers who display obvious speech habits, such as strong local or regional accents. Consider these skills as you continue with the activity.

Write a — word essay on your experience with this exercise, discussing the following points: Exactly what can you do to make and keep your nonverbal listening behaviors effective? Grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics 15 points Your essay is free of errors in grammar especially verb tensesentence structure, spelling, and punctuation.

Next, try reversing the process—letting your partner speak and gesture as you observe and give feedback. Return only the graded project to the school, according to the instructions provided with the project description.

The instructor will add one for you. Read your essay aloud and listen for areas where you may have missed some words or your sentences are awkwardly constructed.

By contrast, eye contact lasting longer than 10 seconds suggests either intimacy or intimidation, neither of which may be appropriate to everyday situations. Shorter periods of eye contact suggest a lack of interest, integrity, or confidence.

Keep a copy of your essay. The following exercise is designed to help you to refine your nonverbal listening skills. Include the following information at the top of each page of your document.

Remember, your speech should be two-to-three minutes long. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Experts have noted that some people exhibit a habit of blinking very slowly while conversing one-on-one or in small groups.

Great Speeches in History W. Practice in Exaggeration Before you begin this exercise, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the following chart, which lists common examples of body language together with their typical meanings.

How effective was your delivery? Locate the file you wish to attach. Use the categories listed below to describe exactly what you did in each category with each person.Jan 29,  · Graded Project: Interpersonal Communication 1 INTRODUCTION The following exercises have been designed to help you put into practice the important lessons you’ve learned about.

I have to do a Graded project about Interpersonal Communications II.I have to integrate the various communication - Answered by a verified Tutor. Review the work you completed for the Nonverbal Listening Patterns exercise.

Write a – word essay on your experience with this exercise, discussing the following points: • The steps you took to complete the Nonverbal Listening Patterns exercise • What you learned about your own interpersonal communication behaviors or skills • The. Information on penn foster interpersonal communication project # the answers.

a graded project lake a longe - Answered by a verified Writing Tutor.

Interpersonal communication graded project 00801601
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