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The managerial imlication of this finding is that the higher demand variability is the more the rescribed erformance measures cycle service level and robability of loss determine the otimal decisions. In the classical model for fixed rice the order quantity for a selling season is based on the maximisation of the exected rofit.

I Low rofit value: A solution always exists. In Figure 6 this is illustrated for a linear deterministic demand function.

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We denote by X the random demand for rice with distribution function F. For both models the influence of demand uncertainty on the region of the admissible decision variables is analysed. Management Science 46, Wang, C.

There exists a large body of literature concerning extensions of the classical newsvendor model see e. Omega 37, Yao, L. Coordination of suly chains with risk-averse agents, Production and Oerations Management 13, Jammernegg, W.

In 4c the robability of loss is bounded from above by the secified value PL.

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Let F and G be two distribution functions and assume that 7 is fulfilled for F. Figure 3 illustrates the statement of Proosition 3. This is obvious from Unsatisfied demand is lost, and leftover inventory of the roduct at the end of the selling season is sold in an other distribution channel at the salvage value er unit z.

The condition for the existence of an otimal order quantity can be used to secify rice arameters of the model. The structure of the otimal decision shows that the otimal order quantity for low rofit roducts in general is higher than that of the classical newsvendor whereas the otimal ordering decision for high rofit roducts is limited by the secified robability of loss.

Cachon Decision bias in the newsvendor roblem with a known demand distribution: Weng Balancing desirable but conflicting objectives in the newsvendor roblem.Another line of research indirectly considers processing alternatives by equipping stations with different machinery and tools which have different abilitie s and speeds to perform the tasks (e.g., see Bukchin and Tz ur and the survey in.

Jena Research Papers in Business and Economics Solving symmetric mixed-model multi-level just-in-time scheduling problems Malte Fliedner, Nils Boysen, Armin Scholl. Research, Gaußstraße 20, D Wuppertal, Germany, [email protected] Abstract With increasing cost competition and product variety, providing an efficient Just-in.

Begonnen im Jahrist das Interuniversitäre Wirtschaftsinformatik-Doktorandenseminar mittlerweile zu einer schönen Tradition geworden. Jena Research Papers in Business and Economics.

SALBPGen – A systematic data generator for (simple) assembly line balancing. Jena Economic Research Papers. From Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Bibliographic data for series maintained by Markus Pasche ().Access Statistics for this working paper series.

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Jena research papers in business and economics
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