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The requirement to create a derived form is especially of value for implementers that use off the shelf tooling.

XMI can be used to encompass all aspects of HL7 artefacts, including a large variety that have direct no correspondence in UML, including vocabulary Mifs docs, coding strength, documents, publications, etc.

Examples of open Mifs docs tools that support MIF or alternative format based code generation: HL7 has gone through a lot of work to create a single unified metamodel expressed in MIF that spans all of its artifacts.

The metamodel represents all HL7 artifacts in a consistent fashion.

To use distinct solutions for static models e. This paper seeks to answer some basic questions related to the MIF: To ensure compatibility with other tools, any tool that uses a derived form would need to be able to convert artefacts to and from MIF format.

Dynamic model related structures: UMLdynamic models, vocabulary e. There are a number of ongoing projects to extend standard tools with such capabilities.

RIM-derived static models, and serializations thereof. It is the pre-publication format of HL7 v3 artefacts used by tooling.

The Everest tool is very well integrated into Visual Studio. The metamodel is maintained and under the sole control of HL7. The API are still very low-level and most of the time they resemble the structure of the MIF as opposed to higher-level concepts e.

Programmers should ideally have access to an API they can leverage in order to use manipulate, build, etc HL7 models without worrying about the underlaying serialization format. This whitepaper is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial license.

OWLdatatypes, conformance profiles, etc.


An Ecore model can be easily edited, annotated and discussed in standard object oriented terms; it can be used to generate Java or other implementations; it can be transformed to other formats such as the MIF.

It also encodes the validation rules around what constitutes valid HL7 v3 artefacts and provides documentation of what the semantics of the different parts of an HL7 v3 artifact are.

The HL7 MIF - Model Interchange Format

What purpose does it serve? MIF files exist to support tooling - tools exist to write it, tools exist to use it e.

This probably makes sense given that OWL is very well suited to express this kind of information.

The following structures amongst other things are documented by the MIF:HL7 tools (e.g. the Eclipse instance editor, the XML schema generator) are based on MIFs. The v3 standards publication (in HTML) as well as the XML schema are generated from the MIF files. "No human should ever see MIF, except for programmers, and those aren't human anyway", to quote Grahame Grieve, one of the HL7 toolsmiths, "it should be kept.

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Mifs docs
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