Organizational development research paper

This addresses organizational issues such as human processes, strategic choices, work designs and structures. There are many symptoms for which an organization requires an OD intervention. This illustrates the nature of the organization as a system: The entire section is 3, words.

It is an applied behavioural science that is focused on the organization as a system, and among other issues is concerned with the health of the organization, its effectiveness, its capacity to solve problems, its ability to adapt, change or of self renewal, and its ability to create a high quality of life for its employees.

This is a person external to the organization who guides an organization through a change effort.

If this step is ignored the organization reverts to its previous state. For example, although it may be obvious to most observers that an organization needs to computerize its inventory, the ramifications of this change may be widespread and complex. The organization will have to hire someone to install the system Organizational development research paper input the inventory data into the new system.

The problems underlying these symptoms are often not the same. When an external consultant is hired to do OD for an organization, it is typically with the understanding that his or her purview comprises the activities associated with OD and not with other organizational tasks or objectives.

Lawler then arranged a meeting between himself, the President of the company and Bowman; he stated that he would have to conduct a diagnosis before any action could be suggested. There are some situations where OD interventions should be considered, such as the need to perform strategic planning or cope with a merger.

Output of change is highly dependent on how the change process unfolds, and the change process will need to be facilitated.

Organizational Development Topics

It also makes it less likely Bowman said he was looking for someone to conduct a "motivation course" for the blue-collar employees of the lamination plant. It starts with a summary of the case. From a business perspective, this means that the organization needs to adapt and change to meet the changing needs and demands of the marketplace, or fail.

There seems to be too little constraint or regulations for effective task performance, the leadership and organizational structure, job designs and policies are weakly defined, and fail to direct task behaviour effectively.

Each generation brings with it new technologies and new challenges. This paper looks at the B. Communication problems, for example, might occur because the organization has set two or more groups in competition with each other, and they need to compete for scarce resources.

Organizational Development

This information is essential for unfreezing the current situation and creating a readiness for change among organization members. The example of the need to install a computerized inventory system is an example of an intervention within the formal organization.

Lack of motivation on the part of the worker, Lack of clear or functional structure or roles within the organization, Problems with the organizational climate, or Problems stemming from cultural norms.

If the external change agent is properly introduced into the organization, everyone will know what purpose this individual serves. Although some organizational problems such as the example of the need to implement a new inventory database are obvious and relatively straightforward to fix, others are more systemic and thus more difficult to diagnose.

To be effective, change agents need to have knowledge of how to conduct a change effort, an understanding of the organization, and sufficient power to be able to implement the change. External consultants typically have a more clear-cut role than do internal consultants.

By having waited, several cracks in the structure have been identified within the organizational structure as a whole and it is having a negative impact on operations. According to this theory, an organization comprises both a formal organization and an informal organization.

French and Bell use the metaphor of an iceberg to describe the nature of an organization see Figure 1. The formal organization comprises the goals of the organization, the structure of the organization i. There is an extremely high staff turnover rate.

Adequate communication at all levels is lacking, and the proper lines of communication are not followed. It starts from the premise that targets of change and the social processes underlying them are relatively stable, when forces driving for change are roughly equal to forces resisting the change.

Organization Development Research Paper Starter

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Organizational Development Topics Organizational development (OD) is a field of professional practice focused on facilitating organizational change and improvement. The theory and practice of OD is grounded in both the social and behavioral sciences. My research and learning about Organizational Development has allowed me to conclude that success of an organization must be dependent on the self-efficiency of employees and the teamwork they choose to.

Organization development (OD) is a long-range effort to improve an organization's problem-solving and renewal processes. OD involves the application of behavior science knowledge to the problems.

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Organizational development research paper
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