Psychology of advertising: just for men gel essay

Gray approached the same lady who previously rejected him. Gray, is the crux of the persuasive technique of the advertisement to convince customers to buy the product.

The commentators emphasized that Mr. The hunting for women was likened to a game of sports whereby two sports commentators describe and analyze the actions focusing specifically on the main player, Mr.

It was actually more than that, because it was the hottie who snatched him. Gray represented a gigolo or a player, the product was actually intended for all men who all have the potential escapades of chasing women.

The advertiser demonstrated rejection if not using its product and sex appeal and attraction after using the product, which is tantamount to the transformation that it wished to depict.

Get Access Psychology of Advertising: The changing attitudes of the character particularly the hottie blonde towards the protagonist, Mr. After using the product, Mr. Action speaks louder than words. In spite of a friendly and well mannered approach by Mr.

The key idea of the concept of transformation is the advertisement links the product with the ability to give a potential consumer with an experience, a change of look, a feeling of confidence and a charming appeal that will draw women to him.

The brand name alone immediately embodies the target market for the product. Moreover, the commentators also set the ambiance for the game of love or socialization.

Sports was used for comparative analysis because it is appealing to men. Just for Men Gel Essay Sample Advertising falls under promotion, which is one of the critical 4 Ps in the pillars of marketing.

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And the hot chick used was the stereotypical gorgeous and sexy blond wearing red lips and red fitted dress that shows up her curves, which is the prize.

Gray was consummated with accomplishing his objective — getting the hottie who rejected him. And it is exclusively for men. Gray transformed from an old, untidy, deceitful sex maniac to a youthful, neat, sincere and good-looking gentleman. The use of sports commentators reflect the advertising technique of appealing to authority, because apparently people tend to trust or respect the idea or opinion of commentators about a sport, who are presumed to be knowledgeable of the subject matter.

Gray to converse with the woman, he gets immediately shunned by the lady. Reference Reichert, T and Lambiase. Advertisements appeal to our emotions.

Physical looks is a big component of first impression last, which will make or break the game. The theme and the characters of the commercial reflected the erotic appeal.

In general terms, love is also considered a game — a game of finding a partner where one can win or lose. The transformation of Mr.

Segmenting the market through values and lifestyles is an important part of the commercial because the product actually applies to any men regardless of marital status or profession but whose common denominator is to look attractive and young in order to successfully hunt women.

Psychology of Advertising: Just for Men Gel Essay Sample

A direct appeal to the sex instinct is more effective than a technical discourse. The commercial is also a form of transformational advertisement in which one can associate a specific set of psychological characteristics, which makes one attractive after using the advertised product Just for men Gel.

This time, the foxy lady gave her a welcoming and engrossed smile who simply grabbed him with a tight hug as if she is the one preying on him.

Reichert, and Lambiase,p48 At the onset, the injection of humor was used to capture attention of the viewers. In modern society, consumers have a high regard for good looks as it reflects the integrity of the person.InMichael Cramphorn, the chairman of Add+Impact International Market Research Industry, do research about the distribution of advertisement target market based on different gender, the result showed that “Less than 15% of ads are directed specifically to women and less than 5% are intended just for men.

Psychology of Advertising: Just for Men Gel Essay Sample. Advertising falls under promotion, which is one of the critical 4 Ps in the pillars of marketing. It is a form of communication that intends to draw public attention, inform customers of a company’s products and services and persuade them to purchase the product or avail of the service.

Everything you need to know about the psychology of having good sex is here.

How to have good sex, secrets of women who love sex, sex tips for men, more. The recent incorporation of sexual selection theories into the rubric of Evolutionary Psychology has produced an important framework from which to examine human mating behavior.

Here we review the we examine women’s and men’s mating preferences focusing on the adaptive significance of material. The answer may lie in differences in the way men and women process their spouses' and their own emotions, said University of California, Berkeley, psychologist Robert W.

Levenson, PhD, at APA's Annual Convention. sexual objectification, sexual assault, self-objectification, feminism, substance music lyrics and videos, magazines, advertising, sports media, video games, and Internet sites revealed that women more often than men are depicted in sexualizing and objectified manners (e.g., wearing revealing and provocative clothing, portrayed in ways that.

Psychology of advertising: just for men gel essay
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