Sankalp the theatre society of mica

The subsequent shows in the city are on December 7 and 8, at the same venue, and tickets are selling fast. They also wish to take this as an opportunity to interact with the city audience. MICA students, under the aegis of Sankalp, have been staging plays in Ahmedabad city for Sankalp the theatre society of mica nine years.

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The theatre society is testament to the individual talents and the collective will of the students. The curtain is ready to rise and the stage is set. This is an attempt to underline the stereotypes influencing collective sensibility of one community against another," said another member of the crew.

The richness of his narratives, complete with quirky hilarity and reassuring hope manages to weave a picture that is involving. The three-day festival will start on November 28 and will be held at the Natrani amphitheatre.

However, there is a darker side to his stories which he does not reveal to his captivated audience. The play examines difficult questions like blame, pain and guilt through the lens of three generations of a middle-class Gujarati family that shelters two Muslim boys during a communal riot.

Its productions have been staged at the famous Natrani Theatre, a heirloom of the renowned Sarabhai family, presently run by Mallika Sarabhai.

MICA’s Sankalp group organises ‘Khula Aasman’

Johaan Matthai, another students and one of the four directors of the play said, "The play that we have chosen because of the importance of it in the present context.

Chandu answers you through his last story for the evening. This is one event that all the students of the institute relate to as there is a participation of over a students every year," said Aditi Maliwar, a second year student of MICA.

The play and its associated activities are entirely student-handled — from the cast of 23 students, to the lights, sets, marketing, media and logistics — are all manned by the students of MICA.

But is the price worth paying? The director of the institute, Professor Atul Tandon complimented the students and the cast who have been putting in sleepless nights over the last two months to make this dream a reality.

My experience directing the play with three other directors was amazing because each of us brought a different angle or style which was our own contribution to Khalish. The event epitomises endless efforts, long man hours and limitless creativity.

Sankalp was conceptualised in by students of the institute, and ever since, the legacy has remained. It tries to deal with the issue of inherent prejudice among us all. Students are also eager to get an hands-on experience of the entertainment industry.Managed sales activities for Sankalp, the theatre society of MICA.

It included integration between the online and offline platforms. Radio Jockey. Sankalp is a Theatre Society of the Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), Ahmedabad.

MICA holds Annual threater fest, Sankalp

It is known for producing a play each year. Dec 16,  · Cast: Utkarsh, Divyanshu Written and Directed by: Avinash Verma Performed at 'Khula Aasman', an event organised by 'Sankalp', the Theatre Society of MICA.

mica Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Communications), Brand Management Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Communications), Brand Management –. MICA is the only premier business management school in the country and perhaps in.

Sankalp is MICAÕs Theatre Society which organizes the flagship event of Sankalp, The Annual Production where one grand play is staged for a. Sankalp, MICA | The quirky, bizarre and dramatical Theatre committee of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), now into its 13th year!

Sankalp the theatre society of mica
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