Screw osteosynthesis

Therefore, it is normally preferable to use the set screws of the invention with smooth surface rod. For open hooks, screws and connectors the angle of point of penetration on the rod may vary with respect to the axis of the rod and to the design for a closing cap thereof.

Management of phalangeal fractures Screw osteosynthesis hand.

osteosynthesis screws

Such failure can also occur when forces are applied to the implant during use, such as at time of muscular stress or during accidents when the back is jolted. The upper bore section 28 extends coaxially through the head 20 of the screw 1 and the lower bore section 29 extends coaxially through the lower threaded portion 22 of the screw 1.

Spinal osteosynthesis unit

In combination with the set screw as disclosed in claim 9 an implant having a threaded bore for receiving said Screw osteosynthesis screw wherein said threaded bore entirely encircles a threaded portion of said set screw.

Clin Orthop Relat Res. In the mandible always screws of 5mm length are used. The notch 25 is positioned and sized to initiate breakage along the radially innermost portion thereof at the level of the notch 25 and at a preselected torque without forming substantial burrs on the resulting upper surface of the set screw lower portion Closed reduction and percutaneous pinning of fractures of the proximal phalanx.


Presentation of a case. Set screws have been previously developed with break-off heads or stems which break off after the set screw is inserted through a threaded bore and tightened to a preselected torque.

The device in the Cotrel patent has threaded interior surfaces on the two upright branches that form the rod receiving channel therebetween and which receive a threaded set screw having a rod engaging point and outer ring. The resilient biasing member 56, as shown in FIGS.

The remaining portion of the set screw should be removable to facilitate disassembling of the osteosynthesis apparatus at any time.

Hindfoot osteosynthesis screw

The combination according to claim 15 including: The self-tapping screws need a pre-drill with a diameter of 1. Note the missing head of 1 screw c. In the mandible the plates are most commonly placed between the canine and the lateral incisor.


From our experience, we recommend the use of the cannulated compression screw fixation for phalangeal fractures, especially for intra-articular fractures, because of the aforementioned advantages of this technique, assuming a careful and patient-based indication.

Further driving or tightening of the set screw 1 produces a preselected torque on the head 20 and causes the head 20 of the set screw 1 to shear off along the radially innermost portion of the peripheral notch 25, as shown in FIG.

However, this system has limitations.

US6224596B1 - Set screw for use with osteosynthesis apparatus - Google Patents

The set screw as disclosed in claim 9 wherein: The bore 84 is sized for receipt of the projection 55 when the set screw first head 71 is positioned in the socket In the preferred embodiment, the bore 84 only extends into the first head 71 and not into the lower portion 72 of the set screw Lag screw osteosynthesis of fractures of the Screw osteosynthesis condyle: Potential benefit of preoperative planning using multiplanar CT reconstruction.

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This thoracic and lumbar spine pedicle screw osteosynthesis system was designed in close cooperation with French spine surgeons 5/5(4). The maxDrive® screw cartridges are compatible with the Level One osteosynthesis modules and plates, simply exchange the cartridges in any quantity or type that suits your needs.

The feeling of screw insertion and precise control. The indication criteria for treatment of distal radius fractures by intramedullary X-screw osteosynthesis included an absence of osteopenia on plain X-ray and the patient's preference for a minimally invasive procedure.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | Complications of Dynamic Hip Screw Treatment for Proximal Femoral Fractures | To present the results of Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) osteosynthesis for the treatment.

Screw osteosynthesis compared with wire osteosynthesis in advancement genioplasty: a retrospective study of skeletal stability Author links open overlay panel J.P.

Reyneke a b T. Johnston a b W.J. van der Linden a b.

Screw osteosynthesis
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