Solidworks get write access macro examples

STL files, save them, then add them to the assembly. The files would align perfectly by themselves I think by using their relative position to the origin.

Record Macros Example (VB.NET)

AddComponent it requires the x,y,z coordinates of the geometric centre of the part it is adding. STL files, load them into Solidworks, and align them in an assembly. To allow other users to work on components while you have an assembly open, select Open referenced documents with read-only access.

Multi-User Environment

Enable Add shortcut menu items for multi-user environment menu items so that you can select options Make Read-Only and Get Write Access on shortcut menus. Specify an interval for checking if files opened with read-only status have been modified by other users.

Initially, I recorded a macro on solidworks of me doing just that. Users share a file when they have loaded the same file from the same location. If you start to make changes to a read-only document, a message warns you that the document is read-only.

If another user with write access has the document open, the tooltip names the user. Multi-User Environment Manage write access for shared documents in a multi-user environment. STL file, create an assembly from it, then load other. Tooltips in the FeatureManager design tree inform you if a part, assembly, subassembly, or component is read-only.

Is there any code I can use to determine them? To set the status for an assembly component: Enable the multi-user environment. STL files into a solidworks assembly and have the align automatically.

STL file as it loads them into the assembly. How does Solidworks determine these coordinate values? I also compared the x,y,z coordinates generated from this code to the values I saw in the recorded macro, and they did not match.

So, in brief, I want to create a macro to load many. When I record the macro of putting the parts into the assembly by hand one-at-a-time I can see the coordinates of the geometric centres of the. I have tried the code in A method to calculate the centre of mass from a.

For example, if you have a document open as read-only and another user modifies the document, you can reload to view the modified version. Reload Reload documents to get the latest version.Figure Basic for Applications reference libraries.

The most common programming language for interfacing with the API is Visual Basic and in this example, we will create a simple macro to give you an overview of this process.

Feb 10,  · Write to text file with SolidWorks Macro Write to text file with SolidWorks Macro boilerSWuser (Mechanical) (OP) 9 Feb 09 I want to write different user inputs to a text file using a solidworks macro without writing over what is already there.

Google for CreateTextFile and you'll find loads of usage and examples. -handleman, CSWP. Feb 26,  · Their API is kind of a mess, but there shouldn't be too many methods for creating a new empty assembly, and the others (open/insert/call a macro) should be easy enough to get help with from the SolidWorks forums (need a licensed user to access them).

Enable Add shortcut menu items for multi-user environment menu items so that you can select options Make Read-Only and Get Write Access on shortcut menus. Search 'Multi-User Environment' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. Provide feedback on this topic.

Nov 28,  · Employee A had write access to it in the assembly, when he would save it it would over write what B did. Now, everything is set to open read only. If you want W/A to it, you have to ask for it. SOLIDWORKS API: Easy Macros – Tree Display Keyboard Shortcut.

Let’s create an easy macro and assign a keyboard shortcut to it for quick access. Create a New Macro. Let’s do the display state name for this example, and write this one from scratch, rather than recording it. It makes cleaner code.

Solidworks get write access macro examples
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