What the mainstream media wont tell

What the mainstream media won't tell you about the Senate's health care bill

Corporate media sources have engaged in a flurry of MS coverage over the past two years. This resulted in 75 casualties.

The gang was actually founded in the Pico Union neighborhood of Los Angeles in the early s, by Salvadoran immigrants and refugees from its civil war. Ongoing violent confrontations between Salvadoran law enforcement and gangs also contribute to a climate of fear and resentment among Salvadorans as well.

The White Helmets use propaganda on their campaign site to promote No-Fly-Zone to their audience, which is also what Hillary Clinton promised during the Presidential race. Compelled to show them they were not forgotten by the outside world, Bae formed a company that successfully led peaceful tours into North Korea for many years.

When her challenge failed—when she was apprehended and detained—what happened next must have felt harsh and frightening. The photographer Mahmoud Rslan, who took the historic photo of Omran in the ambulance, also took a selfie with the rebels that later beheaded a Syrian boy that the media ignored.

As tensions enter a critical phase, please remember to pray for Christians in both North and South Korea. Critics blasting Trump today for not keeping families together in the detention centers fought using them for that purpose four years ago. The Reagan administration gave billions in military aid to right-wing dictatorships in Central American countries like El Salvador.

Its subsequent growth from a small street gang in the US to a transnational criminal organization based out of the Northern Triangle provides an illuminating case study of how US foreign policy choices can backfire spectacularly.

The United States did not learn the consequences of what happens when they overthrow a government, etc. The Russian military said in a statement that it did not conduct any airstrikes in the Idib province. While Mexican immigration has been falling in recent years, Central American immigration has increased: For Salvadorans, though, the fear is very real: This ObamaCare levy is a tax on new investment and thus slows job creation.

Over the past three generations, the Northern Triangle countries, long marked by profound levels of inequality, have each experienced horribly destructive civil wars and military coups.

But in Aprilhis activities came to a halt when he was arrested by North Korean authorities and charged of planning to overthrow the government. Corporate media sources have engaged in a flurry of MS coverage over the past two years.

Watch his full interview here: Without government protection, such children are prey to drug cartels, sex traffickers and coyotes, and vicious gangs such as MS The mission continues today, despite rumors of war. We found strength in those pages," Him said. Unsurprisingly, the United States has been intimately involved in each of these, supporting anti-Communist regimes during the Cold War and protecting US business interests with truly disastrous results.

These extortion rackets, along with continued violence between gangs over turf, have created an atmosphere of fear that Salvadoran families quite reasonably want to get away from. If the adult with the child entered the country illegally, he or she is arrested and held, pending resolution of the case.

Four Immigration Facts Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

The rest of the articles only briefly mentioned the Salvadoran civil war. Over the past three generations, the Northern Triangle countries, long marked by profound levels of inequality, have each experienced horribly destructive civil wars and military coups.

What Mainstream Media Won't Tell You About NATO's StratCom

Continued gang crackdowns by the Salvadoran government over the past few years are also an issue that the US has a hand in: In November, in East Aleppo, many communications were jammed.

Though the western media has told us that Syrians are enjoying their freedom from the war, most Syrian refugee want to go back to their homes in Syria. Was it to stop the Syrian civil war? But it is actually true due to the fact that the government gave money to Saudi Arabia to train CIA rebels to overthrow Assad.

Grover Norquist is president of Americans for Tax Reform. The bill restores the ability of families to use HSAs to purchase over the counter medicines. This legislation achieves four important goals. The fact that neoconservatives like David Frum continually obscure the blowback of imperialist US foreign policy is unsurprising.

Just ask Kim Eun Jin. For instance, the ObamaCare health insurance tax levied on companies based on their market share is directly passed onto millions of individuals and small businesses.

Who are the White Helmets? These users explained that this might be their last video and that it is just horror blaming the regime.Raping women and young girls, torturing the elderly, and murdering in cold blood have become synonymous with these heinous onslaughts against a community ill-equipped to defend itself.

Even worse, this travesty has, thus far, largely been ignored by South Africa’s government, police, and the worldwide media. What The Mainstream Media Won't Tell You About The Allison Mack Sex Cult Scandal NXIVM sex cult is still ongoing – will they ever be stopped?

Syrian Civil War: What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

Coverage of the NXIVM scandal in the mainstream media has primarily taken the angle that the minor celebrity, Allison Mack best known for her recurring appearances on the teen drama Smallville was involved in a supposed ‘sex cult’.

As usual, there’s a lot more to the story than the mainstream media are reporting. Here’s what they aren’t telling you about the crisis on the border.

Jun 27,  · You won’t hear this from the establishment media but the Senate’s ObamaCare repeal bill contains massive tax relief for middle class families. When it was signed into law seven years ago, ObamaCare implemented a health care system with top-down, bureaucratic command and control. Halsey News Network is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by their Guest Contributors.

What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Immigration and MS-13

Related Articles. Political Analysis. The Left is Weaponizing Everyone Who is Not Them. Culture. What The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You" John | April 9, at am |. READ MORE: UK Mainstream Media Falsely Alleges Russian Election Fraud — European Politician Mainstream media have on numerous occasions contributed to StratCom’s “building awareness,” mainly highlighting its mission to counter the so-called Russian disinformation campaign in Europe.

What the mainstream media wont tell
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