Wimax opnet thesis

The table given below gives basic idea about IEEE The main reason is that in wireless networks air is used as medium. Jamming is achieved by introducing a source of noise strong enough to significantly reduce the capacity of the WiMAX channel. Single carrier jamming and multi-carrier jamming are considered here for simulation approach.

The features of this software are discussed later. Here simulation approach is used to see the performance of the IEEE Node model of jammer Figure 4. Band AMC sub carrier permutation Figure 3.

Sector Antenna Radiation Pattern Figure 3. In this report jamming is discussed in detail. TDD frame structure Figure 3. In single carrier jamming carrier frequency and bandwidth of the targeted system should be Wimax opnet thesis. Mesh with one base station Figure 4.

Scenario used for single carrier jamming. WiMAX means world wide interoperability for microwave access. Basics of IEEE WiMAX security is very wide area [2].

Successful Channel Equalization Figure 3. In wired networks wires are used to carry data. Jamming is main physical layer threat for military. The information and equipment required to perform jamming are not difficult to acquire.

In wired network physical layer security is not that much important as compared to wireless network. Single carrier jamming is used to jam the particular band of frequencies. Network Reference Model Figure 3. This is due to the fact that the WiMAX equipment used in the measurements has been built according to In wireless jamming and scrambling are considered as physical layer threats [4].

WiMAX Physical Layer Security Aspects: simulation and testing using opnet modeler 15

Simulation approach is used to model jamming in IEEE Wi-Fi provides wireless access to the internet but range is limited to certain meters only. So concept of WiMAX is introduced to increase the range.

Since jamming is fairly easy to detect and address, so it does not pose a significant impact on both the WIMAX users and systems. Simulation approach is easy compare to practical approach.


Resilience to jamming can be augmented by increasing the power of signals or increasing the bandwidth of signals via spreading techniques such as frequency hopping or direct sequence spread spectrum. So wired networks are some what secure then compared to wireless networks.

Mesh with 2 base stations Figure 3. In this report only physical layer threats are considered. Practical approach is very difficult to achieve it. Jamming Scenarios Figure 3. Mac layer threats are different than physical layer threats [5].

In wired networks physical layer threats are not important but in wireless air is used as medium so physical layer threats comes into picture [2]. Scenario used to simulate multi carrier jamming.

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Worldwide interoperability for Microwave access [Wimax] is a wireless technology, based on IEEE Specification.

Wimax opnet thesis
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