Write an equation or inequality to model the situation

See number 5 in the "Teaching Phase. How will the teacher assist students in organizing the knowledge gained in the lesson?

Each student should write one or more sentences for each statement explaining why they agree or disagree with the statement.

Display the Anticipation Guide again. For students with special needs, the Pattern Puzzle Writing Inequalities activity can be modified by using specific letters to represent the situations instead of a generic n example p for people, m for magazines, etc.

Pose the following situation to students you may want to post it under the document camera: Students with a strong grasp of the concept can make their own pattern puzzles which can be used as review and reinforcement in future lessons.

See "Summative Assessment" for details. What activities or exercises will students complete to reinforce the concepts and skills developed in the lesson? It is important at this point not to indicate which is correct.

Be sure to acknowledge the correct answer.

Write an inequality from a word problem

Ask students to number a paper 1 through 4. Ask students to read each statement and decide whether they agree or disagree. Post four statements under the document camera such as: Display the anticipation guide using the document camera LCD, overhead transparency or copy on whiteboard.

Ask students if this is sufficient to describe all the percentages that represent an "A.

Writing Inequalities to Represent Situations

This should then be handed in to the teacher as an "exit ticket. What are the guiding questions for this lesson?

Write an inequality to model the situation.Then solve for y.

Guide students through writing an inequality for each situation. Each set can be placed in its own envelope.

Those situations could be used in class to help reinforce the concept during the next several days. Have students discuss each situation with their table partner.

Have several students share their answer and explain the reasoning for their choice. Eventually all strips should be used the strips should end up in one long horizontal line. Show a thumbs down for Disagree.

This is a CRISS strategy that activates background knowledge, focuses students on the specific skills you want them to grasp in the lesson and will help you identify misconceptions before beginning the lesson.

How will the teacher present the concept or skill to students? The Pattern Puzzle Writing Inequalities activity needs to be copied and cut prior to the lesson. General Lesson Plan Learning Objectives: Instruct students to start with "Start here.

Describe a real-world situation with an equation

As a whole group, have students share possible percentages and write them down on the board or a paper under the document camera. Students will reflect on the Anticipation guide. Ask them to write three other possible percentages on the same paper.Dec 05,  · Write an equation or inequality to model the situation:?

Write an equation or an inequality to model the real-life situation.? Answer Questions. Algebra 2? 3, -6, 12, 4, 20,?

Write an equation or inequality to model the situation

A 15 feet pole extends t feet below ground and 10 feet above ground. Choose the linear equation that models the situation?Status: Resolved. Write an absolute value equation that has these minimum and maximum lengths as its solutions.

the quotient of and the sum of one and 5/5. Mar 22,  · The distance D to school is 1 1/2 miles more than the distance P to the mint-body.com: Resolved.

Question Hello my question is Write an equation or inequality to model the situation: The perimeter of a square with a side length s is greater than or equal.

Construct an equation or an inequality that model a given context. Modeling expressions can be quadratic, rational, or exponential. Equations & inequalities word problems. Write an equation in terms of x x x x that models the situation.

Stuck? Situation. Mathematical Inequality.

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Speed limit. Legal speed on the highway ≤ 65 miles per hour. Write an inequality that represents the range of acceptable belt lengths. Inequalities can be used to model a number of real-life situations. When converting such word problems into inequalities, begin by identifying how the quantities.

Write an equation or inequality to model the situation
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